SL Industries realizes that in the constant battle for higher-performing steel products, customers will impose a unique set of challenges, not the least of which is learning how to weld more, faster and how to weld different materials, including high strength steels that are being used ever more frequently.
SL Industries is continuously investing in training and certification of its employees, new robotic welding equipment, precisely documenting the welding techniques and quality control procedures. The company employs more than 50 welding specialists certified to apply all major types of welding both, manual and robotic in order to guarantee the highest quality of the most complex customized components:
We apply 100% third party inspection of most critical welds using Magnetic Particle Inspection and Ultrasonic Flaw Detection techniques.
Under evaluation are plans for introduction of LASER BEAM or LASER-HYBRID welding techniques in the near future.

Experience in welding High Strength Steels

The demand for innovative stronger and lighter welded components by the heavy equipment manufacturers is on the rise. Due to the elevated strength-to-weight ratio, high strength steels are used to build products that carry more, weigh less and withstand extreme service conditions.
Our team focused to master the welding of materials that meet these demands such as steels with yield strengths from 586 MPa (85 ksi) and up to 1200 MPa (160 ksi).
Documented Welding Processes
Based on ISO and AWS standards, SL Industries has developed company welding procedure (WPS) to provide direction for its welders to follow in order to produce high quality and consistent welds that meet all codes and customer requirements. The company is investing in specialized software to keep track of welded products, welders qualifications and code compliance.