SL Industries is located in the city of Rousse. Rousse is one of the leading industrial centers of Bulgaria, situated approximately 2.5-hour drive North-East from the capital Sofia. The city provides excellent communication and transportation infrastructure and links to European markets via the biggest Danube River port as well as easy road access to the container terminal services of the Black Sea ports of Varna (Bulgaria) and Constansa (Romania).

SL Industries plant is only next to the main port terminal and occupies 2 facilities with total area of approximately 8000 sqm (75,000 sqft). The facilities are built on a lot size of 20,000 sqm (app 5.0 acres). Attached to the plant is a 3-story office complex of approximately 500 sqm (4,500 sqft). The facility provides all the necessary communication and functional services to assist the company in achieving its primary goals and mission.