The direction of SL Industries Ltd. in recent years has been to specialize in medium to large components for heavy equipment with a focus on construction machines, large crane parts, and port equipment components. We continuously modernized our equipment (see our equipment lists) to enable us to machine even parts of up to 10-12m of length to tight tolerances. We have acquired our CNC-controlled large boring and milling machines traveling column type, thanks to that focus.


High Capacity Brake Presses for Accurate Forming of Long, Heavy Parts and Advanced Laser & Plasma Cutting Capabilities for Exceptional Edge Quality


We can always respond to our customers’ demands for bending of long and heavy parts with our High Capacity Brake Presses (see our equipment list).

One of our core competencies is to bend high-strength material plates with repeated accuracy, which speaks for the experience of our people and manufacturing processes.


SL Industries Ltd. has four (2) laser cutting machines with 3 x 12 m and a capacity of up to 5.0 kW capable of cutting up to 20mm thick material. Also installed is a plasma cutting machine 3 x 12m with a cutting capacity of 28mm. The lasers and plasma are CNC capable of edge beveling. The company also has an Oxy-Fuel machine to cut material of up to 200mm in thickness.


Working in partnership with our customers we offer assembly services:

  • Assembly of major components for finished products made by our customers, where significant value-added benefit is present, or;
  • Design and Assembly of finished products such as prototypes or small runs that otherwise are inefficiently made on the customer level.

In both cases, our customers are offered an opportunity to focus on their core capabilities where cost-effectively adding our engineering expertise, supply chain planning, and manufacturing capabilities.